Tone and sculpt your body with a week at Pegasus Malibu

Pegasus aim is to tone, sculpt and build muscles.

Newly toned muscles will burn any unwanted body fat. During your conditioning classes you will tone, sculpt and build the muscles of your choosing with our expert trainers.

Our Super foods diet provides enough calories and protein to carry out all the weeks training, hiking, conditioning and yoga.

We hike to detox, recharge and to work the leg and core muscles. The super foods will detox your body as you hike. Our Navy Seals will guide you through the bio-mechanical aspects of hiking, we will teach you to ghost walk, find out which sides of your body are dominant and work on your posture to mitigate any back/joint problems.

Our program is fitness neutral, meaning that our week long retreat is possible for all ages and levels of fitness.

During your week long stay we will teach you 5 Navy Seal secrets to mental toughness, that can be applied at any time during and after your stay here in Malibu.