How long is the program?

Our luxury boot camp program lasts one week, from Sunday to Saturday. While one week at our retreat offers dramatic results, guests often choose to stay for two weeks or more to maximize fitness, weight loss, and detox.

What results can be expected?

Residential retreat programs are the ultimate way to achieve health and wellness results in a short period of time. We’ve seen bodies literally morph into new forms through weight loss, increased muscle tone, and newfound flexibility. On average, men can expect to lose upwards of 10 pounds, and women at least seven pounds. Beyond the physical, you can expect a mental and spiritual recharge, completing your holistic transformation.

What is a typical day like?

Your day in Malibu begins with gentle stretch yoga and breakfast before heading out to hike along the Pacific Coast and in the Santa Monica Mountains. After hitting the trail, we break for an organic, vegan lunch before afternoon fitness classes. You’ll also enjoy a sunset yoga class before the evening meal, and finish the day with massage before you retreat to your private accommodations.

What are the accommodations like?

You will have a private luxury room in our Malibu beach house. All rooms feature ocean or mountain views.

Are couples welcome?

We absolutely welcome couples. Our retreat program is a wonderful and healthy way to bond with your significant other.

What type of food will I be eating?

We serve an organic, vegetarian, farm-to-table diet to our guests. We grow as much as we possibly can in our own gardens, and locally source remaining ingredients. Our goal is to nourish you and deliver portions that sustain rigorous physical activity. And we are always happy to accommodate any special dietary needs or restrictions.

What level of physical activity can I expect?

Our fitness boot camp is centered around sustainable physical activity, meaning that our program is designed to challenge you, while ensuring that you are able to participate in hiking, classes, and yoga continuously throughout the week. We are experienced at guiding groups with different experience and fitness levels, and always ensure that each guest gets the mental and physical challenge needed to reach individual performance goals.

What do I need to bring with me?

Broken-in trail or hiking shoes are critical to your comfort during your stay in Malibu. As far as clothing goes, we recommend lightweight, breathable hiking or running shorts and tops. If you prefer to stay covered, long sleeve shirts and pants are appropriate so long as they are breathable and light in color/fabric. Stretchy, comfortable yoga attire is recommended, as is casual attire for downtime and meals. We provide all toiletries, and trail essentials such as lip balm and sunscreen. All skin care is free of petroleum, silicone, synthetic fragrances, GMOs, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and BPA. We also consciously select sustainable products that aren’t tested on animals, and feature green packaging.

What will the weather be like?

Malibu weather is as close to perfect as it gets. The temperature along the coast varies from 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the heat, we alter hiking routes to be either closer to the ocean if it’s too hot, or slightly inland if the weather is chilly.

Can I get hurt?

Our program and fitness activities are designed specifically to minimize the potential for injury. We don’t believe in placing unnecessary stress on joints and muscles, when we can achieve the same results by other means. Our motto is ‘Safety First,’ and our staff is trained first to avoid emergency situations, and then to respond in the unlikely event that an emergency occurs.

What airport should I plan to fly into?

Most guests fly into LAX or Santa Monica Airport, which are both just a short drive from our destination boot camp retreat in Malibu.

Are airport transfers included?

We provide transportation to and from LAX and Santa Monica Airport.

Can I bring my cell phone, laptop or other mobile device?

While there is limited time throughout the day for work, we understand that if not for connection to the outside world, many of our guests would not be able to participate in our fitness program. And so, we welcome you to keep in touch for personal and/or business reasons during downtime.

There are other retreats that offer hiking and yoga—why should I come to Pegasus Malibu?

We are the only destination boot camp that is located on Malibu’s coast, providing not just views and ocean breezes, but access to the beach and all it has to offer. While other local retreats route their programs through the higher and drier parts of the Santa Monica Mountains, we keep closer to the water so that our guests can enjoy the best of Malibu’s perfect climate. More importantly, we are staffed with ex-Special Forces, whose lives depend on results-based fitness, and who share that expertise through our retreat programming. If you’re seeking a residential results-based boot camp with opportunities for outdoor fitness, yoga, massage, and nutritional detox, resulting in weight loss, increased endurance, improved flexibility, mental/spiritual clarity, and overall wellbeing, please join us at Pegasus Malibu.