A former Commando Mike understands the focus, dedication and sacrifice required to achieve goals. Using concepts from endurance, strength training, stability, and agility training . Mike is also an expert in Pilates, functional training, cardio conditioning and plyometrics. Mike brings an unparalleled passion, dedication and enthusiasm into every session.

Mike's knowledge in training techniques that bring maximum results but that are easy on joints and spine are second to none. Amongst the fittest, most humble and most cheerful people on the planet Mike is an instructor who can guide you to your goals.


Kat McGee is renowned as one of the most progressive yoga teachers and coaches on the West Coast.  Formally trained while living in India under the guidance of Swami Vishveketu and currently serving as a lululemon Ambassador, she holds numerous certifications totaling over 1000 hours and is registered as an ERYT-500 Instructor with Yoga Alliance.

Kat's approach to yogic arts is physically stimulating and ultimately heart centered.  She holds transformative space for people from all backgrounds from the corporate and celebrity arenas to single parents.  Her ability to meet individuals exactly where they are with complete acceptance is the pinnacle of what makes her technique so powerful.


"I have been taking yoga classes here and there over the last year but never really got into it till I took a class from Kat. Yoga all of a sudden made sense because Kat combines the physical work and blends it with your own spirituality. One works better with the other and if we are in tune then the body can find amazing strength. She changed my life on many levels. Grateful she shares her knowledge so generously."    - Simone H.

"Yogis from across the globe agree that Kat McGee is one of the best instructors in the world. Why? Us yogis love the way she streamlines a vinyasa flow. We love her warm, inviting spirit. We love her smile. We love that she ventures into log cabins and spends time alone in reflection, giving presence to herself. Kat is our main squeeze. Thank you Kat, for everything. You are our inspiration!" -Mitchell A.


Lindsay Luzader

Lindsay is Pegasus Malibu's Hiking guru, with 7 years of guiding expeditions and fitness experience Lindsay uses her knowledge and fun loving nature to motivate and inspire. Born and raised on the East Coast, Lindsay's passion for the outdoors started on her Family hikes, canoeing trips and expeditions along the Appalachian trail.

No matter what your fitness level Lindsay will always be there with a smile and encouraging word to help you along.


Pixie Kastrup

A passion for teaching drew Pixie all over the globe, and into the most vibrant realms of yoga. A mother, activist and lover of life she has brought the rhythms of nature onto the mat with a dynamic practice that follows the lunar cycle. Pixie believes yoga is a perfect reflection of the cycles of life and matches each day’s practice to the energy of the seasons. No two classes are the same, which adds to the sacredness and awesome sense of fun.

Pixie’s yoga style is a powerful blend of vinyasa and prana flow that taps deep into inner strength and fluidity. The challenging practice is drenched in a sense of lightness, renewal and joy. Pixie has lived and studied yoga in India where she received a certificate in yoga therapy. She has a degree in Kinesiology, has worked as a private wellness coach and currently studies with yoga masters Shiva Rea, Mark Whitewall and Guru Singh. Pixie leads private, group and intensive classes abroad. She completed her first 200 hrs in Northern California in 2002, another 500 hrs in 2014. And continues to seek paths to learn & explore the embodiment of yoga always.