A program unlike any other










Recharge, relax, results. That is the progression when you sign on for a week (or more!) at Pegasus Malibu. Whether you are looking to increase your fitness, lose weight, detox from daily life, or simply just want to get away, you’ll get exactly what you need at our all-inclusive, results-based destination retreat program. Read on to learn more about what you can expect during your week long stay.





Day One

Arrival day! Most guests arrive for pickup at LAX. From there it’s just a short drive up the coast to our exclusive Malibu location on Billionaire’s Beach. You’ll get acquainted with your fellow guests, and check-in to your private room. In between enjoying the view of Santa Monica to the East, Catalina Island to the South, and Point Dume to the West, you’ll meet with retreat staff and have your baseline measurements taken.



Day Two

Yoga first! We’ll help you stretch and strengthen muscles before a breakfast of homemade granola. Then it’s off on your first hike of the week. We typically start on the beach and make our way into the hills for panoramic views of the mountains meeting the sea. Back at the beach enjoy a lunch of vegan salad before your afternoon fitness class. Our fitness sessions are always geared for maximum results, with minimum stress on sensitive joints. The day ends with massage and a luxurious soak in the tub.









Day Three

Now that you’re getting acclimated, we up the challenge on the hiking. Staggered so that the pace and distance is tailored to each individual, we are always able to accommodate all fitness levels. You’ll be hiking with ex-Special Forces who, although they’ve been through the rigors of military training, are committed to our ethos and train you through inspiration and encouragement.








Day Four

Getting the hang of it! You’ll breeze through morning stretch and enjoy a nourishing breakfast before hitting the trail. Malibu’s climate is practically perfect for hiking and trail fitness.  You’ll be flying high as you go from beach to mountains, feeling refreshed and stronger with every passing day. As always, you’ll cap off all that hard work with a massage and a nourishing meal, before collapsing into bed.









Day Five

You’re not off the hook yet! Just as it seems to be getting a little easier, the trail gets longer and harder, and the fitness classes more strenuous, but you realize just how rewarding it is to put in the work. You’ll be heavy into your detox by this point, and you will be starting to feel the results coming on. Only two days left to go, and it’s hard to believe that the week is nearly over.

Day Six

Last day on the trail. And it’s a tough one! Climbing from the beaches into the hills, be sure to pause and appreciate not just the expansive ocean views, but also all the hard work you’ve put in over the last week. Rewards await you back at Eagle’s Watch, where you’ll enjoy a relaxing massage, and a final group dinner.





Day Seven

Back to the real world! Before your departure, our retreat staff will take your measurements and compare them to what you posted on the first day. You can expect a loss of weight and inches. It’s common to see anywhere from seven to 18 pounds drop off the scale by the end of your visit. Beyond the physical gains (or losses!), you’ll experience a well-deserved sense of clarity, serenity and overall wellness.