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Fitness should be accessible to all, which is why we empower our guests to achieve results by engaging in challenging, thoughtful activities that preserve the integrity of the body, while recharging the mind and nourishing the soul. The intent of our all-inclusive, guided wellness program is to provide a platform for self-transformation, and firm footing on the path of health and vitality. Read more





When it comes to destination retreats, geography is everything, which is why we’re located on Billionaire’s Beach and Big Rock in Malibu. Our luxury properties have stunning views along the California coast.
















Our program is unique in that we rely upon the unparalleled skill and expertise of our expert team to guide physical activities. Held to the highest physical standards in the world, no one understands fitness quite like our team. But rest assured, there are no intimidation tactics here. Our elite guides have subscribed to our ethos, which means lots of encouragement and positive-reinforcement, both on and off the trail. Read more.







Food—not lack thereof—is critical to achieving results at Pegasus Malibu. We take our cuisine, your enjoyment of it, and its nourishing properties very seriously. Our menu is organic, vegan, and locally sourced to the best of our ability, in an effort to give you sustenance and allow for detox. We are always happy to accommodate special diets should you require any modifications to your breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Imagine . . . hiking from the beaches into the hills of Malibu . . . stretching those sore, but strong muscles in an afternoon yoga class . . . paddle boarding in a pod of dolphins . . . enjoying a daily massage . . . tasting the fresh and nutritious goodness in every wholesome bite . . . relaxing in your private luxury room-with-a-view. This is all part of the active lifestyle experience at Pegasus Malibu, where the reward of healthy living is just one week away.