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New York |
Our week at Pegasus was perfect! Rory and his team are fantastic. The hikes were wonderful, the food was delicious and nutritious and the work outs, the yoga and the massages were perfect. The views from the villa are amazing (I especially enjoyed spotting wales and watching sailboats as I did my workouts). Having been to a few other "luxury boot camps", I chose to try Pegasus this time as my husband wanted to accompany me. The experience was perfect. The program offers a more personal approach. Both my husband and I were able to accomplish our different needs (mine to loose weight and his to strengthen an injury. We both left relaxed, refreshed and energized. Pegasus a perfect retreat for people wanting a more personal experience. It also great for couples and small groups of friends. We look forward to coming back soon!

Leslie B.
Chicago |
This is, by far, my favorite retreat I’ve ever stayed at. It’s in a perfect location and the villa itself is absolutely pristine. I have visited many ashram, spa’s and hiking retreats, but this retreat simply does everything better than the others.

Alison McRae
Toronto |
After spending all day everyday at my desk I had to get away. Pegasus Malibu is the perfect place to recharge, balance and re-evaluate my work/life balance. The benefits of the course have lasted months, I am healthier and feel years younger after cleansing and learning how to be good to my body

Tim Cain

New York |

I don’t even know where to begin. THIS HIKING RETREAT IS AMAZING! They have created a healthy and loving environment. You always feel welcomed and comfortable here. After every class you feel like a new person – mentally, physically and spiritually connected.
The teachers, staff and owners are phenomenal. The instructors are extremely informative, helpful and answer any questions.
– The Hiking staff! Rory and his team, simply stunning views of the California coast.
– Co-owner and teacher, Kate is amazing. All her classes are wonderful. You feel stronger, cleansed and connected to your entire self.
– Janna is the reason I got back into yoga. Her Flow class gave me the support, strength, motivation and courage to learn inversions, maintain a strong core and continue growing.
– Other great instructors are Oliver, Alistair and Luna.
Keep doing what your doing Pegasus Malibu!

Susan B

New York

Arrival Sunday

After spending a bone chilling month on the east coast I arrived back in Los Angeles slightly apprehensive. All tension fades away as I am met by Rob the Program Director at LAX. A short ride along the glorious Pacific Coast highway and we arrive at Eagles Watch, the home of Pegasus Malibu retreat.

It's time to meet the crazy gang of guests, a mix of singles and couples look friendly fit and ready for the week.

The house is simply amazing, all of the guests will no doubt have stunning luxurious houses, but none will be as architecturally stunning as Eagles watch and the view is just killer, Santa Monica to the East, Catalina Island to the South and Point Dume to the West.

Jaws are reattached after hitting the floor at the view and we each get measured and weighed I’m 5′ 9″ and 125 pounds.

Everyone is up bright and early for a yoga class, joints are woken up and muscles gently stretched, we adjourn to the amazing dining room and eat some homemade granola.

The first hike. Breathtaking. We start on one of Malibu's most exclusive private beaches and are captivated by Southern California’s steep, panoramic views–ocean, mountains, mansions and all–are stupendous.

Back at Eagles Watch, lunch is a vegan salad that I need the recipe for! The amazing Italian chef on retreat gives me all the recipes in my own book to take away, I could do this vegan thing! The afternoon fitness classes starting with a weights session that blew me away. I am informed that the key is closed chain movements, nothing that strains joints or backs but that obtains maximum results. The sunset yoga class in Malibu is nothing short of inspiring, and we end the day with a divine massage and soak in a luxurious bath tub.

Day 2

Tuesdays hike is not easy, it is staggered to accommodate all levels of fitness, I start near the back but am determined to get to the end. The only way out is to move forward, I remind myself. 'Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, it's easy' Is the encouragement offered by the Hiking guides, somehow they exude good energy and I am feeding from it. Half way through we are met by Tim with a big smile, 5'10 tanned, blonde and fit as a butcher’s dog, more positive encouragement!

Day 3

A great day on the hills with smiler Tim. Tim tells me all about trail fitness and the mind tricks he uses,things are much easier now!

I meet Rob the co-owner and co-founder of Pegasus, we have a chat about the DNA of Pegasus

Day 4

Thursday is a tough hike there is no doubt, any hike would be difficult given the last three days, I am sweating toxins, drinking water and I think I might die, but am told by the Hiking guides that I am fine, I believe it and 'crack on' to use the local lingo.

Day 5

Last hike I feel I can’t do it, the short drive to the start is along one of the most scenic parts of the Pacific coastal highway. We are given a brief talk by Rob the owner and co-founder of Pegasus. There is no stopping now were at the end! We push through mountains overlooking the ocean, I stop and take in the magnificence of the Pacific, 'I've nearly made it' I tell myself.

Day 6

The final morning, and weights and measures are taken I am now 118 pounds and I honestly feel like my strongest, most clear and stable self, I feel like a lioness. Pegasus was amazing, my friends ask where on earth I have been, I tell them 'Ohh you know the usual, Hiking, working out and staying at my Malibu Mansion'.!